Available Positions

Below is a list of open volunteer positions:

There are NEW POSITIONS AVAILABLE! Please have a look below!

Blog Writers

This position entails helping maintain the CYGO blog, writing community update blog posts about what’s going on here at CYGO, as well as participating in our new contributor blog series regarding online privacy, online censorship, cybersecurity, open source software, and related topics.

Back-end web developers

We are currently in need of active and skilled development team members in order to help maintain our web applications and services. We need people specializing in back-end web development (PHP/MySQL) and preferably who are familiar with linux-based servers, as well as Apache and Nginx. Tasks would include administrating PHP-based web applications, moving/migrating PHP-based web applications, doing light front-end development work, improving upon our current web applications, as well as conceptualizing and building new applications off of open source frameworks.

Public Relations

We are currently seeking someone who can help out with public relations. This position would include helping with brand building, outreach to the public (advertising on other platforms), recruitment of new team members, and devising a non-profit marketing strategy to strengthen our user base.

Fundraising/Public Relations

This would be a somewhat multi-faceted position in which your primary role would be to design and execute fundraising efforts in order to fund the organization. At times when that is not needed, or when the individual in the public relations position needs assistance, you would be aiding with what is described above.

Legal Advisor

This position would entail providing legal advice to the director of the organization in order to help make large decisions, as well as to help shape internal protocols and procedures. As this is a volunteer position, you must not be licensed to practice law, but extensive knowledge and/or preferably experience with law (copyright, civil rights, communication, and cybersecurity) is necessary.

Mirror Account Curator

This position entails helping to curate specific mirror accounts (more about mirror accounts here) for public figures on Bleu. One would be responsible for copying their content onto Bleu and then publishing it under their mirror account.

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Logan L Johnson by email at logan@cygo.network.

Contributors ARE incentivized.

Our contributors take precedence over other members when it comes to quality and maintenance of service. Contributors get first exclusive access to new features and offerings, priority cloud storage allocations, priority email storage allocations, as well as access to development resources and our hosting environments/networks where appropriate. Contributors who fail to fulfill their responsibilities and designated roles in the community may have specific incentives or all incentives revoked.