Available Positions

Below is a list of open volunteer positions here at CYGO™

Blog Writers

This position entails helping maintain the CYGO blog, writing community update blog posts about what’s going on here at CYGO, as well as participating in our new contributor blog series regarding online privacy, online censorship, cybersecurity, open source software, and related topics.

Social Media Manager

This position entails posting our blog posts on our external social media presences, including but not limited to our Facebook, Mastodon, and Twitter pages. If you are interested in this position, please contact Logan by email at logan@cygonetwork.com.

Back-end web developers

We are currently in need of active and skilled development team members in order to help maintain our web applications and services. We need people specializing in back-end web development (PHP/MySQL) and preferably who are familiar with linux-based servers, as well as Apache and Nginx. Tasks would include administrating PHP-based web applications, moving/migrating PHP-based web applications, doing light front-end development work, improving upon our current web applications, as well as conceptualizing and building new applications off of open source frameworks.