User Rights

Your rights as a user

CYGO™ Network is considered private property, owned by Logan L Johnson and Benjamin Cederberg. Users are permitted to post any content which they desire to as long as it is not in violation of our terms of service. However, content removal, account suspension, and account deletion are ultimately at the discretion of the volunteer moderators, as well as the administrators. We reserve the right to remove any posted content (including photos, videos, external links, etc), as well as suspend, or, in extreme cases, remove your account and revoke your access from any CYGO services. If you see some sort of illegal activity, please flag the account, or report the person to the proper authorities (your local police). Please see the terms of service for more information regarding prohibited content. We refuse to publish or leak personal messages, posts, or accounts to individuals or authorities under any circumstance. CYGO™ is non-profit, and is funded by user contributions. All CYGO™ staff members are unpaid volunteers, working to help keep this wonderful service alive.

Is user information shared with 3rd-parties and/or data-mining companies?

No, CYGO™ will never share your information with data mining and research organizations or otherwise third-parties because, unlike some of our competitors, we value our users’ privacy. We do not collect personal data in any way, profile details are voluntarily submitted, and will not be used for such purposes.