Claim your Bleu account

Claiming your Bleu account is quick and easy!

All CYGO Underground accounts have been automatically migrated to Bleu for convenience.

  1. Launch Bleu by clicking here or the link at the top navigation menu.
  2. For your username, enter the same username as your CYGO Underground account. If you do not remember your username, enter your CYGO email (your first three initials of your first and last name appended with; John Doe for example would be
  3. For your password, enter P@$$word123
  4. Click “sign in”.
  5. Next, click the drop-down beside your name/user icon and select “account settings”.
  6. After you are redirected to the Account Settings page, under the “Your Profile” heading, click “Change Password”.
  7. When prompted, enter P@$$word123 into the “current password” field, enter your preferred password, then type your preferred password again to confirm.

That’s it!

Now, customize your account settings to your preference, fill out your profile details and upload a profile photo if your account does not yet have one.