File an abuse report

The purpose of this form is to allow the public, as well as other users, to report legitimate abuse of any of our online services.

What is considered abuse?

Any user utilizing our services to do any of the following should be reported for abuse;

  • Illegal activity of any sort
  • Uploading or sharing of pornography or extreme violent (gore) content
  • Uploading or sharing copyrighted content, or otherwise violating applicable copyright laws
  • Uploading or sharing of government, terrorist, or extreme religious propaganda
  • Usage by users under the age of 13
  • Usage by users in banned countries
  • Duplicate accounts
  • Fraudulent accounts or content
  • Usage by users whom have previously violated the Terms of Service
  • Usage of our services to spam or harass individuals
  • Any other violation of the applicable local (United States) law or our Terms of Service agreement

How do I report abuse?

Please report abuse through email using the address

Your email subject must contain “ABUSE REPORT” as shown in all upper case letters, sans the quotation marks.

Your email body should contain the following listed information:

  • The service which is being abused by the user (Bleu, CYGO Cloud, connectMail, whichever)
  • A brief description of what is going on
  • Screenshots, links, or otherwise proof that the user is violating United States law or our Terms of Service agreement

That is all that is required. Additional information may be included if you feel it is relevant.

Abuse reports will be directly reviewed by Logan L Johnson, the director of CYGO Network, and a follow up email will be sent describing the action which was taken and why it was decided upon.

Users which abuse services of CYGO will be prohibited from using all CYGO services permanently and without appeal.