Premium Subscription

What are the perks of CYGO Premium?

CYGO Cloud (see tiers here)

Unlimited private spaces on Bleu

CYGO email

Ability to become verified

Dedicated user support

More Premium features coming soon!

How do I become a CYGO Premium member?

Donate a minimum of $30/year for base Premium membership. It’s cheaper than GABPro with less restrictions out of the box!

Invite 50 active users in a year (active is defined as posting publicly on Bleu at least once per week for more than 6 weeks) for a free 1 year Premium subscription with tier 1 CYGO Cloud.

Activate Premium Subscription

After meeting the requirements listed above, send an email to with “CYGO PREMIUM” in the subject line, and details including your account username, associated email, and proof of donation (can be a screenshot, transaction number, etc). Please DO NOT include private information such as passwords or financial information in this email.

Once the email is received, it will be processed by a contributor, and your subscription will be activated.