CYGO is currently accepting monetary donations through PayPal.

As we are a community organization, we do not accept monetary donations through our organization. However, if this is your preferred way to support CYGO, you may make a donation directly to our founder; Logan L Johnson, or to our Technical Director, Kasper Irelan via PayPal.

We depend on your donations to operate, as we are not a business, nor do we sell products or receive any sort of personal financial benefit by providing you with our services as this is a volunteer-ran organization.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Click the button to donate directly to Logan L Johnson. Button not working?
Click the button to donate directly to Kasper Irelan. Button not working?

By donating, you acknowledge that you hold CYGO Network Products, its ownership, and administration free from any legal disputes regarding this transaction and that it is non-refundable and not tax-deductible. Additionally, you acknowledge that you are sending your money directly to either Logan L Johnson or Kasper Irelan, and that Kasper Irelan, Logan L. Johnson and CYGO Network Products relinquish any responsibility to provide you with any sort of transparency report in regard to your donation or otherwise without consequence.