CYGO Cloud Desktop

CYGO Cloud for desktop is now available! Upload files, take notes, listen to music, create notes, edit code, all from the convenience of a single app!

Microsoft Windows

CYGOfile desktop is finally available for Microsoft Windows!

Download the zip archive, extract it, then run the “CYGO Cloud.exe” file. Windows Defender/Smartscreen and Antivirus may flag it as a false positive. We recommend avoiding the use of antivirus software in most cases.



To run CYGO Cloud App on Linux, you will need to install wine64. To do so, run the following command:

sudo apt install wine

After running that command wait for wine to install. After wine is installed, download CYGO Cloud clicking here and extracting the .zip file. Extract the zip file to /Documents/fCYGO

After extracting the file to /Documents/fCYGO, run the following command. wine /Documents/fCYGO/CYGOfile.exe

You are all set! CYGO Cloud is now successfully installed on your linux machine.

Apple Mac OS

Plans for CYGOfile Desktop on Mac OS have been canceled.