Logan L Johnson

Logan is the creator and founder of the CYGO™ Network Products organization, and is the leader of the development team.


Benjamin Cederberg

Ben is our co-owner and is actively working on the development of our most recent project; Bleu. He didn’t want his photo on this page in fear of assassination by the Serbians.



Kasper has recently been promoted to the position of community administrator. Kasper has worked with us to provide a generous and appreciated amount of free web hosting. Yes, it is “Casper the friendly Ghost”.


Thomas Castleman

Thomas is the lead developer of Drauger OS and has partnered with us in order to create our planned open source gaming library and desktop applications.


Additional active contributors and honorable mentions

Philip Dase, Brody M. (Discord server moderator), and Christos P. (Discord server moderator).

Inactive contributors (2017-2020)

Amolith, Garrett L., Lexis H., Madi M., Rachel M., Vii, Diego, Amyeal W., Seth D. , NotVladimirPutin, and Austin P.