Logan L Johnson

Founder and Director

Logan created CYGO in 2017 and continues to expand our offerings through his skills in graphic design, cybersecurity, and front-end development. He is the owner of CYGO and director of the team, who has the final say on all projects and decisions.

Contributor since 2017

10,000+ contributions

North Carolina, United States


Benjamin Cederberg

Community Director

Ben is our community director, he is very in-touch with our users and always provides satisfactory ideas, concepts, and content. His graphic design and web development skills were used to bring everyone Bleu.

Contributor since 2018

2,000+ contributions

North Carolina, United States


Kasper I.

Technical Director

Kasper is our technical director. His wide-range of software development and engineering skills as well as available resources help us to keep innovating.

Contributor since 2019

2,100+ contributions

Washington, United States


Thomas Castleman

Linux Desktop Systems Developer

Thomas is our Linux desktop systems developer. He helps with everything from writing our Linux applications to helping us manage our servers.

Contributor since 2019

1,000+ contributions

North Carolina, United States


Liz Gravat

Web Developer

Liz has recently joined our team of contributors. She has experience with a wide number of programming languages and has been a community member for a few years now.

Contributor since 2020

2 contributions

Missouri, United States


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Contribution counts are based upon things like large community contributions, responsibilities, concept ideas, Github commits, designs, and various other factors including estimation based on logical reasoning. As such, the counts are approximations. It is also important to note that the number of contributions does NOT take into account the magnitude of each specific contribution.

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Our contributors take precedence over other members when it comes to quality and maintenance of service. Contributors get first exclusive access to new features and offerings, priority cloud storage allocations, priority email storage allocations, as well as access to development resources and our hosting environments/networks where appropriate. Contributors who fail to fulfill their responsibilities and designated roles in the community may have specific incentives or all incentives revoked.