Bleu for Android

How do I install?

Download the APK on your Android device, and launch it. You will then need to enable. If this doesn’t work or you’re confused by this please have a look at this article.

After this, you will likely be prompted by a PlayProtect warning. Simply click “Install Anyway”. The reason for this prompt is because we are not present on the Google Play store.

PlayProtect Warning

Once installed, you should be able to find the app and add it to your home screen. It should look something like this (example is a Samsung Galaxy with Android 9.0 using Firefox as its default browser);

Why are we not on Google Play?

Google Play Developer accounts require us to pay a fee which we do not have the funding to cover.

Why do we not have an IOS app?

Apple does not make the resources we need to do so available free of charge.