Bleu Content Rules

Bleu is a free speech platform, but we have a few basic common-sense rules regarding posted content.

The following content is prohibited:

  1. Legitimate threats of violence or illegal acts.
  2. Pornography of any kind.
  3. Impersonation of other individuals, groups, or organizations.
  4. Content created by terrorists, promoting terrorism, or promoting genocide (including external links).
  5. Content created by or in association with Chinese corporations and/or the Chinese government (including external links).

These rules are applicable to every aspect of Bleu; including profiles and spaces. Including such content on your profile or spaces at all will result in a violation.

The Bleu Content Rules are based off of our Terms of Service. Essentially, this is a broken down, more pleasant to read version of the Terms of Service, without all of the additional details that most individuals usually don’t care about. It is still recommended, however, that you read our Terms of Service agreement in its entirety, as by using CYGO Network you agree to them.