Update 01/22/2021: Downtime & Maintenance

Today, our entire network was down for just over 11 hours.

This is due to a domain transfer; we transferred our domain to a new registrar in order to make sure our ownership of the domain is more secure, as we were uncertain if our previous registrar might cave to political and financial pressure to take down our sites.

After service was restored, there were a few more patches of downtime.

The further downtime was caused by maintenance which included expanding our storage capacity.

It would be unfair to go without mentioning Thomas, who performed the data transfers and supplied the new hardware. His extensive knowledge of the Linux command line and file systems ensured that downtime was minimal.

We do not anticipate that there will be any further extended downtime. If more maintenance is necessary, users will be notified. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we carried out this work.