MySQL vs SQLite

MySQL and SQLite are pretty much the worlds most popular database systems out there on the internet. There are some pros and cons of each of these systems, and there are some differences.

MySQL – 600MB
SQLite – 250kb

User Management:

MySQL – You can create users with different permissions.
SQLite – You cannot manage users

These of course are not all of its differences. SQLite does not provide network access, MySQL Does. SQLite is serverless, and requires no configuration setup, whereas MySQL Does. MySQL Can handle high traffic sites whereas SQLite has a limit. MySQL is definitely not as portable as SQLite.

If you want to use one of these databases, and can’t decide which one to use,
If you are hosting or developing a heavyweight app that you expect to eventually get a lot of traffic and lots of queries will happen via database, use MySQL.

If you don’t want to use a lot of storage, and your app is lightweight and will not get a lot of traffic, or is private, use SQLite.

Both of these databases are excellent in their own ways. You can download SQLite by clicking here, and you can download MySQL by clicking here.