Weekly Address December 12, 2019

And, as most people would’ve probably guessed, I’m back yet again! Anyway, this week has been slow and I’m a few days late writing this week’s address, but I will be giving a nice short summary of what we have going on.

A quick summary

  • We’ve been donated a VPS specifically for Bleu by our partner’s at Kavorti. Hosting Bleu on this VPS with a 64GB SSD and 3gbps internet should greatly improve application performance
  • Everything is running smoothly at the moment with no issues

If any developments occur, we will post updates in our Discord server and possibly here on the blog.

We have open volunteer positions!

I will be creating a page about open positions shortly however at the moment we are in need of a 3rd blog writer. Anyone who is interested please contact me via Discord or email at logan@cygonetwork.com

Weekly Address December 2, 2019

And I am back, once again; our third blog writer has left the CYGO team and as such we are looking for a new one! If you would like to contribute by writing on our blog then please contact me via Discord or by email at logan@cygonetwork.com

We have big news this week!

CYGOfile is back online

After about 3 weeks of downtime; CYGOfile is finally back online thanks to our friends at Kavorti providing improved hosting for the service.

If anyone has issues regarding access to CYGOfile, please contact me.

Bleu is now ready for production

After working on Bleu over the Thanksgiving holiday, it is now ready for usage! The original CYGO Network application will be archived tonight. CYGO Underground users should see these instructions in order to claim their Bleu account.

That’s all for this week, stay tuned in our Discord server for updates and keep a look out for next week’s post.

Weekly Address November 25, 2019

Hello again, everyone!

Due to unfortunate circumstances, our co-owner was not able to write this week’s address, so I’m back again. Hopefully she will be well enough to write in a few weeks.

Now, on to the exciting stuff!

This week, our main server has been upgraded, so there should be noticeably better performance across our entire network. Additionally, I have and am continuing to work on some configuration updates with Bleu in order to optimize page load times. So far, I have been able to cut the load time nearly in half, but our goal is a 5 second load time or less. I will keep everyone updated on this as I progress.

Yesterday, the owner of our partner Kavorti sent me an IM notifying me that he would be donating a VPS to us. As you know, CYGOfile is completely down at the moment, and as such this VPS will be used exclusively to run CYGOfile as well as other related applications as it has adequately high specifications.

When will CYGOfile be back up?

I am not yet 100% sure how much downtime we will have. This is mainly dependent on when our VPS is ready to be used. I apologize for the service interruption as I realize that it is very inconvenient for people who depend on CYGOfile for their daily cloud storage solution and web productivity suite. While it is currently down, all user data is intact and secure on two of my personal machines. If you are in need of a specific file, please contact me at logan@cygonetwork.com and I will get it to you as soon as I possibly can.

What’s going on with Bleu?

I plan on moving CYGO Underground accounts over to Bleu sometime soon since it is now functioning reliably. I will post specific updates to this after I finish moving accounts so that users know the necessary actions to take to reclaim their accounts.

I believe that covers most of our important recent events, stay tuned for next week’s blog post. As always, if you have any questions feel free to email me at logan@cygonetwork.com or IM me via Discord.

Hello, world! First weekly address.

Welcome to the new CYGO™ blog!

We are proud to announce that we now have a blog, where our team will be posting weekly updates regarding our web applications, events going on in the community, and anything new that’s going on.

So, let’s get started!

This week, we have a lot going on after two months of minimal change and progress. First of all, we have the blog up now, and our landing page is finished for the most part.

Additionally, we are continuing the development of Bleu. Currently our team is working on the front-end of the application, so that the user interface is pleasing for our users to look at.

Moving along, we have now integrated an XMPP/Jabber chat client within CYGOfile, which is available throughout the application, making it easy and convenient to chat with your friends and colleagues whilst browsing through files, taking notes, listening to music, or whatever it is that you use CYGOfile for. A big thanks to Amolith from NixNet for providing us with free accounts for our users on his XMPP server. You can get your account here, but there will be further documentation created soon to make the process more clear.

Now for some more important news;

We are currently planning on moving to a new server provided by our partners at Kavorti, meaning during the next few weeks some of our services may experience downtime. We are making this move due to the fact that our current provider’s server is overloaded and causing our web applications and online services to perform poorly. Please stay tuned in the #announcements channel in our Discord server for more information regarding future or ongoing service downtime.

I think that covers everything; keep a look out for next week’s address from Amyeal!