What is Bleu?

Bleu is an alternative social network based entirely upon open source software with a focus on freedom of expression and privacy. Bleu has functionalities which make it a great platform to connect with your friends or build and connect with communities.

Who is welcome on Bleu?

Bleu is a place for EVERYONE, regardless of political ideology, race, gender, religion, or background. We don’t believe in deplatforming.

Our moderation philosophy

We believe everyone has the right to say what they wish, to anyone willing to listen. We do not remove any content that we disagree with; we support everyone’s right to freedom of expression. Moderation on Bleu is kept to a minimum; only taking action when content is in violation of the law or our Terms of Service.

Bleu has some set content rules, which come directly from the Terms of Service.

We don’t make it our business to look at posted content under a microscope and micromanage our users; action may be taken based on user reports.

We also relinquish all responsibility for posted content, content posted on Bleu is the property and responsibility of the individual whom it is posted by.

It is also important to note that content posted on Bleu does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of CYGO Network and its contributors.

This, we believe, will create an environment where our users have control over whom they interact with, and will promote open dialogue between individuals.

Who owns Bleu?

Bleu is a project of CYGO Network, which is privately owned by Logan L. Johnson.

What is the business model?

Bleu is completely non-profit, funded entirely by donations from its contributors and users. There is no advertising and no sale of user data.

Where can I access Bleu?

Bleu is located at https://bleu.cygo.network. It should function in any modern web browser on both desktop and mobile. We recommend Mozilla Firefox of GNU IceCat for an optimal experience. You can also download the app for Windows, macOS, Linux, or Android from the menu on this page if you prefer.

Have other questions?

Contact us by reaching out to Logan on Bleu (u/loganljohnson), through the official CYGO Network space (s/cygonetwork) or send an email to contact@cygo.network and we will get back to you with a response.