Who are we?

CYGO™ Network is an unregistered non-profit organization which aims to provide free, privacy-oriented online services which are based on open source software, as well as to help fight against online censorship by offering powerful alternative platforms.

We’re a group of people united toward a common goal: giving users a space on the internet in which their freedom of expression and individual liberties are protected.

Our Core Values

Freedom of Expression

Individuals should be able to convey their thoughts as they wish.

Freedom of Thought

Individuals should be encouraged to use critical thinking in order to form their own opinions, rather than controlled narratives.

Individual Liberties

Self-reliance, the right to life and self-determination are fundamentally important.

Freedom of Information

Education, science, and information should not be authoritative, monetized, or stifled in any way.

Rewarding Curiosity

Curiosity should be rewarded with information, rather than stifled or discouraged.

Rewarding Hard Work

Quality work should receive just compensation, incentive, or outcome.

No, CYGO is not a company.

Despite our statements that we are an unregistered nonprofit (otherwise known as a community organization) people continue to make statements which portray us as a company. CYGO is a community of like-minded people working together, volunteering without pay to bring you the online services you love, completely free of charge. It was founded in 2017 by Logan L. Johnson, who heads the development of our web applications and performs the majority of work which goes into CYGO. Additionally, all of these super amazing people aid in web development, graphic design, concept management, community management, and more; CYGO could not operate without their tremendous contributions.

We aren’t here for money, fame, or power; we will always be non-profit.

Our past

CYGO™ began in November 2017 when our founder was searching for an alternative to Facebook which respected user privacy. It started out as the one simple web application, and through time grew into a thriving community and suite of high-quality web services. In the last part of 2020 to present, in seeing the censorship we anticipated in our early days, we have decided to focus on our social network and communication applications. Through our platforms we hope to counter the left-wing bias seen in technology and social media.

How are we fighting for freedom of expression?

We’re using our skills and resources to give censored and silenced individuals in the United States and around the world a platform to express themselves as they please, and to share information at their own discretion, without interference from any government agencies or corporations.