Updates June 10, 2021: Introducing Speakeasy, CYGO Search, and the Freedom Webring

I have a lot to update the community with today regarding some newly released concepts that have been under development and consideration for some time.

File Management for Bleu Users

Recently, I have rolled out an update that gives users enhanced control over any files they upload as post attachments, whether it be photos, videos, documents, etc.

Users may now navigate to My Profile>Files and see a list of every file they have uploaded in a post (outside of spaces).

Users may then right-click (or press and hold on mobile) to see options. Users may then copy the link to the file, download the file, or view the post associated with the file. If a user wishes to delete the file, they may then delete the post associated with the file. This will remove the file from our server.


This is just another part of our broad effort to give users maximum control over their data and experience.

Speakeasy by CYGO

Speakeasy is an instant messaging frontend based on Element.io, which uses the Matrix protocol. Currently, we are only hosting the frontend, but if there is enough interest in this viable alternative to platforms like Discord and Telegram, we will setup our own Matrix server, ensuring users can indeed speak freely, without restriction, and without compromising their privacy. This is a step in the right direction toward offering a fully-fledged instant messaging application for CYGO Network users.

CYGO Search

We have now released CYGO Search, which is an experimental meta search engine. Currently, it’s still very much in its infancy, and in time we hope to expand this into a TRUE search engine, which indexes websites itself, so that it does not mirror results (and therefore censorship, or just bad results) from other search engines. While it may not be the best and most practical search engine currently available, it is a symbolic step of offerings to come.

Freedom Webring

We have now started the Freedom Webring. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a Webring is, I recommend this Wikipedia article on the history of Webrings. The Freedom Webring is available in a much more simple fashion than many of its predecessors, creating an index of Freedom-supporting websites as a resource for Freedom-loving individuals. This will be available to any website which in some way supports freedom or libertarian philosophy; including freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of information, etc. If you are interested in adding your website, take a look here.