Bleu Updates: Navigation & Notifications

This is a brief overview of the updates, fixes, and changes we’ve made throughout the past few weeks.

We have dramatically improved NAVIGATION universally, for all platforms. Navigation on browser, desktop, and mobile is now entirely consistent, with new buttons for Space navigation and News on the header bar, which makes the mobile app increasingly user-friendly, without the necessity to access the sidebar.

New space navigation

New SPACE navigation gives you a list of spaces which you are a member of, with a search function making it convenient for users like myself with a large number of spaces. This improved navigation also gives users easy access to create a new space, or access the space directory to browse for new spaces.

The failure of the entire notification system has been resolved. If you received hundreds of emails notifying you of old activity, this is why. Users will now receive notifications according to the preferences they have set in their Account Settings under “E-Mail Summaries” and “Notifications”. You may notice that these notifications are NOT INSTANT. This is not a bug, but rather an intentional implementation to curb the overwhelming problem of social media addiction. This is also the benefit of the daily email summary; any content you’ve missed will be sent directly to your email, so there’s no need to anxiously reload your feed in anticipation of content.

Notification flood after bug fix