Dear Spamhaus,

Screw you.

What makes you think you are an authority in determining which networks and websites are indeed spam? According to your CBL (Composite Blocklist) website, the IP address of our email server has been listed over 90 times within a month. But why? We don’t even have a mailing list here, just a few personal email addresses along with web applications that send emails when a user requests them. Well, according to you (Spamhaus), my server is infected with malware that is sending out malicious spam emails. I find that interesting considering there is only ONE account on the server, and that SSH connections are NOT ALLOWED from outside of the server’s own network. Additionally, the server and all emails are secured using clamav, there’s virtually no way for my server to be infected with malware, and if it were I would have logs to back that up. All of that considered, unless someone has entered my home, sat down at my desk, somehow managed to guess my username and password, and then executed some sort of malicious software, script, or cron job, then I’m 100% sure that our network here at CYGO is being fraudulently listed on this spam blocklist.

To Google, Microsoft, and other large email providers,

Screw you, too.

You have been blocking our emails (not sending them to the spam folder rather than inboxes, but BLACKLISTING ENTIRELY) for over a year at this point. I’ve proven this personally using my own GMail and Outlook accounts, as well as having observed this phenomenon with other users who don’t use our connectMail system. Other email providers, such as Protonmail, have received our emails with no issue whatsoever.

To our users,

This has been a great inconvenience to many of you, especially users of CYGO emails. Clearly, Spamhaus and other organizations aim to harm us as an organization and limit the reach of our contact, either due to financial gains from special interests or due to corrupt leadership (or well, both).

I would advise other website administrators and people who operate email servers to STOP USING SPAMHAUS. Clearly Spamhaus is an authoritarian organization which aims to use its reach and the appeal of spam prevention in order to stifle means of communication.

I implore you, if you have sent me an email and I have NOT replied, please contact me using Telegram (@humbletyrant) because if you are using a mainstream email provider (other than like, Protonmail and probably Tutanota) my emails have probably been blacklisted from reaching you.