Hello, world! First weekly address.

Welcome to the new CYGO™ blog!

We are proud to announce that we now have a blog, where our team will be posting weekly updates regarding our web applications, events going on in the community, and anything new that’s going on.

So, let’s get started!

This week, we have a lot going on after two months of minimal change and progress. First of all, we have the blog up now, and our landing page is finished for the most part.

Additionally, we are continuing the development of Bleu. Currently our team is working on the front-end of the application, so that the user interface is pleasing for our users to look at.

Moving along, we have now integrated an XMPP/Jabber chat client within CYGOfile, which is available throughout the application, making it easy and convenient to chat with your friends and colleagues whilst browsing through files, taking notes, listening to music, or whatever it is that you use CYGOfile for. A big thanks to Amolith from NixNet for providing us with free accounts for our users on his XMPP server. You can get your account here, but there will be further documentation created soon to make the process more clear.

Now for some more important news;

We are currently planning on moving to a new server provided by our partners at Kavorti, meaning during the next few weeks some of our services may experience downtime. We are making this move due to the fact that our current provider’s server is overloaded and causing our web applications and online services to perform poorly. Please stay tuned in the #announcements channel in our Discord server for more information regarding future or ongoing service downtime.

I think that covers everything; keep a look out for next week’s address from Amyeal!

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