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CYGO Network has moved beyond the boundaries of free speech social networking, now offering a high quality suite of online services for home and business, website design, website management, graphic design, photo editing, online publishing, and more!

Bleu by CYGO

Our signature free speech social network. Non-profit and free for everyone.

CYGO Cloud

Our cloud storage and web productivity suite, available for personal use or white-labeled for your business. Learn more.


Simple, easy-to-use, and lightweight webmail with a learning spam filter rather than blacklists. Available to business customers and CYGO Cloud subscribers.


A simple but elegant front end for the Matrix chat protocol based on Element. Open and available to everyone.

Custom Web

We offer custom web solutions for individuals and small business, including simple websites, blogs, all the way to custom e-commerce and customer support solutions. Learn more.


We offer affordable yet high quality custom graphics, including logos and banners for use online. Learn more.


We offer general photo editing services, as well as advanced photo editing services, including antique photo restoration and colorization. Learn more.


We offer graphics for print publishing, including pamphlets, flyers, t-shirts, business cards. The only limit is your imagination, and printing equipment. Learn more.

When you choose CYGO, you can rest easy knowing that we will stand by our ethics and principles.

Commitment to Privacy

Your privacy, as well as your users’ privacy, will remain at the forefront of our decision-making. Your information will never be shared with any 3rd party agencies without express knowledge and permission. CYGO Network will never collect any information that you do not voluntarily submit. We will consistently provide the same standards we would expect to receive ourselves.

Commitment to Freedom of Expression

CYGO Network has always firmly stood for freedom of expression and against any organization or government which opposes free speech, free thought, and free will. Bleu by CYGO will always remain free, open, and non-profit in order to furnish the basic right of free expression to anyone who wishes to utilize it. We will not shy away from creating content or working with clients who may be considered controversial.

Stand up, speak your mind.

Stand up to established social networks and say “no” to censorship by making an account on Bleu! It’s easy, no email or phone verification required.

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What makes Bleu different?

It’s American innovation at its best.


No profit means no corporate corruption.


No annoying ads that follow you around.


We will always protect your freedom of expression.


You alone control who sees your content and info.


Android and desktop apps available.


No biased, politically-motivated fact checks.


We value your eyesight.


We rely on 100% open source technology.


You control what you see. Chronological feed, no funny algorithms.

Free speech since before it was cool.

CYGO Network was founded in 2017 in order to start what was effectively a ‘Facebook alternative’. Since then, we’ve created a leading, true free speech social network among other alternatives to Silicon Valley monopolies.

Bleu is now on Android

Download the official APK directly from CYGO.


…social network to protect its users from government surveillance.

…social network to protect its users from corporate research.

…social network to protect its users from corporate surveillance.

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