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Free speech since before it was cool.

CYGO Network was founded in 2017 in order to start what was effectively a ‘Facebook alternative’. Since then, we’ve created a leading, true free speech social network among other alternatives to Silicon Valley monopolies.

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  • A Guide to Leaving Google
    Everyone knows Google is big. And they have great products. They can afford the software developers to make these great products because they earn a lot of money collecting and selling their users’ data.
  • U.S. Military: Intimidating Citizens. Are we becoming a police state?
    Some characteristics of police states include extensive government surveillance, overwhelming presence of police or military, police enforcement of oppressive mandates, etc. If we aren’t living in a police state, then we aren’t far from it.
  • Parler: Conflicts of Interest Undermine Freedom of Speech
    The entire goal of Parler isn’t to provide first-amendment style free speech on the internet. The entire goal of Parler is to simply make a profit.
  • It’s time to ditch Mozilla.
    It’s been obvious for some time now that Mozilla is no longer (or perhaps maybe, has never been) an organization that champions an open internet, freedom of expression, and personal privacy.
  • Updates regarding CYGO Cloud services
    All accounts created after Sunday, January 24, 2021 will not have storage allocated until you have made a donation to CYGO Network.
  • Update 01/22/2021: Downtime & Maintenance
    Today, our entire network was down for just over 11 hours.


…social network to protect its users from government surveillance.

…social network to protect its users from corporate research.

…social network to protect its users from corporate surveillance.

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