Welcome to CYGO™

What’s new?

We are currently working on a new project; Bleu, a Reddit alternative which is advertisement and censorship-free. Our team has been watching a huge increase in Reddit’s practices of politically-biased censorship; and we have noticed that long-time Reddit users, especially those of dark humor communities; are being disadvantaged by this. We look to provide an environment where all of Reddit’s banned communities which fit our standards, as well as current active communities of Reddit and/or new communities can find a place to connect without fear of being silenced for unfair reasons.

What is the status of the CYGO Desktop project?

The CYGO Desktop project has been temporarily postponed due to data loss back in the beginning of August, 2019. We plan to continue to partner with Drauger OS in order to create a similar application that integrates our concept of an open source game library with our latest project; Bleu.

Is the original CYGO™ Network discontinued?

No. The original public version of CYGO Network will remain available to all current users as well as new users; however it will not receive any further updates aside from what is minimally required to keep it in working order. Our CYGO Underground community will be moved to our new project; Bleu, which will also soon be released to the public.