A community for freedom on the internet.

CYGO is a community of individuals who work together with one common goal: To provide online services which free users from privacy-invading companies, online censorship, tracking, and advertising. Through our services, we’re helping to keep the internet open.

Powered by open source technologies.

CYGO is made possible through the work of the open source community. Without the plethora of available FOSS software which our services run on, and are based upon, CYGO simply wouldn’t exist. Check out the list of technologies which we have utilized here.



Our social networking application, Bleu, is a very powerful opportunity for communities, organizations, and like-minded people to connect, without left-wing censorship, tracking, and advertisements.

CYGO Cloud

CYGO Cloud is a powerful cloud storage solution and web productivity suite with a very wide range of features such as note-taking, mind mapping, email access, instant messaging, video conferencing, and more; all without advertisements and third-party corporations having access to your data!


connectMail is our own email service, with our own in-house webmail client, support for SMTP/IMAP desktop and mobile clients, all secured by end-to-end SSL encryption. We never provide emails to third parties, never send or display advertisements,and never violate your privacy.

More to come…

We’re always brain-storming and considering new projects to add to our lineup, especially after recently discontinuing a few. Have an idea? Let us know via email at contact@cygo.network. We look forward to hearing from you.

Check out our latest blog posts

  • How does one ensure free speech on social media?
    The concept of an open social network is very simple, in essence. It’s based upon the fact that everyone has a right to say what they desire to whomever is willing to listen.
  • Mojang and Its Relationship with Communist China
    Lately, I have been boycotting the game, for a simple yet different reason: Mojang is trying to kiss up to China’s communist government. You’re probably thinking, “Woah, you can’t just drop a bomb like that”, but I sure can. Ever wonder why they didn’t add sharks in the aquatic update, then added pandas in the next update? There’s your answer.
  • Update September 17, 2020
    It has of course been some time since I have written here on the blog so I thought I should probably update everyone on what I’ve been working on in the past two months.
  • What in the world is this Linux thing?
    Many of you who have looked at our Contributors page, specifically the entry for me, you may have noticed a mention of something called “Linux”. Some of you may have even wondered what this “Linux” thing is, and probably didn’t get a good, straight answer. Well guess what I’m here to do?
  • No, CloudFlare doesn’t respect your privacy: CloudFlare issues & truly anonymous DNS
    DNS servers collect identifiable information with each query, so it’s difficult to find a public DNS server which truly doesn’t collect or retain this data. For our purposes here, I’m going to simply say that it isn’t truly possible to have the perfect solution with any 3rd party DNS provider. The only person who you can really trust with your own privacy is yourself; which brings me to the solution.
  • “Incognito” Mode and Why Your Privacy Is a Lie
    It’s a common situation – you want to look up something private on the internet that you would rather no one know about. You go to Google Chrome and open up an Incognito tab, finish your business, and close the window. None of your cookies or browsing data was saved, so you’re fine. Completely anonymous, right? Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

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