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CYGO is getting better; we're partnering with others who share our vision for privacy, security, and further enabling our users to make meaningful connections.

What is CYGO Network?

CYGO Network is an open-source social networking and communication platform with a strong focus on privacy and security. CYGO is maintained by a community of people working together to enable you to make meaningful connections whilst keeping your information safe and providing a cutting-edge user experience.


Add your friends, share photos, videos, and instant messages.


Install games from our soon to be available CYGO Library; available exclusively to Drauger OS users along with CYGO Desktop.


Voice chat with your friends directly from within CYGO with our soon to be available voice integration powered by NixNet


Check out all of the wonderful organizations who are coming together to improve your CYGO experience.

What do our users think?

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My favorite part about CYGO is the ease of use. When I want to see what’s going on in my area or share something with my network, it just takes a few easy clicks, and I don’t have to search through corporate advertisements. CYGO makes it easy to share what I care about with the people I care about.

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